Case Study

Bidding System - Basslink

Ability monitor and bid to the Australia Energy Market Provider.

SharePoint 2013 farm based solution configured for High availability .


99.9999 system uptime

Automated bid creation eliminates human error

Simplified user interface provides ease of bidding during times of high stress. 

Configurable rules and notifications based on Waveform. 

Audit log of every changes to bids 

A new SharePoint solution takes flight

AEMO Bidding System - BassBid.

BassLink are an Electricity interconnector and connect the electricity transmission systems of Tasmania and Victoria. BassLink facilitates Tasmania’s participation in the National Electricity Market (NEM). This allows Tasmania to buy or sell power into the NEM.

Evocate has been working with Basslink for over 5 years now. In a recent project, a Bidding System was designed and purpose built for them. The application submits financial bids to the Australian Energy Market for the flow for power between Victoria and Tasmania through Basslink Interconnector.

The business required a mission critical system that could submit financial bids to the Australian Energy Market (AEMO). The system would need to automatically create and submit bids based on predefined schedules and accommodate for automatic corrections prior to bid submissions in the event of unscheduled downtime of the physical power cable (Basslink’s Asset). Maintaining a minimum system uptime of 99.9999% was crucial.  Configurable alarms based on wave forms were required with the abiltity for both SMS and email notifications.
Evocate’s solution uses “Evo AEMO Bidding System” (EABS) to achieve all the required functionality. BassBid is a SharePoint 2013 Application that consists of a number of web parts, timer jobs and lists that correspond to financial bids. The solution is built on a 4-server farm that is collocated and setup with SQL High availability and Microsoft DFS for response file synchronisation. With BassBid, Basslink now have a robust and easily customisable solution that meets and exceeds their requirements. Note; that this system is designed for High availability with less than 5 minutes worth of downtime per year.



Timeline to Delivery
6 months

SharePoint 2013
SQL 2012 Server
High Availability
Geo collocated farm
99.9999 uptime
Windows Server

Client Image

We needed a financial bidding system with a 99.9999% uptime and a user friendly interface that would stand up to the stresses our operators faced during emergency 4 AM bid changes. Evocate got it right.

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Linx Australia Group

Evocate’s Intranet solution made it easier to work with large teams. We were able to see tangible increases in efficiencies because of better internal collaboration. Thanks guys.

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Elbit Systems of Australia

Evocate was always very accommodating when it came to the scope of the project. Our requirements seemed to change on a day by day basis and thanks to Evocate agile approach, they were able to deliver a great end product.

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