Case Study

Darkon Architectural Lighting

Ability to monitor and manage shopfloor cost of production.

SharePoint 2010 base solution integrated with Industrial grade rudged touchscreen on the shop floor.

Engineers program shopfloor works by creating reusable Bill of materials

Project timelines and deliverables maintained in an easy to use web interface

Custom products and routine products are easily quoted on and monitored through the sales life cycle

Production control system & Sales and Order Processing.

Darkon Lighting, established in 2007 and located in Collingwood, Victoria, manufactures high-quality, energy-efficient architectural interior lighting products and provides lighting solutions for public, commercial and residential projects.

Evocate was approached to delivering a solution that would act as a production control system. The solution would need to help monitor the Cost of Production, and issue shopfloor work instructions. Further it would also need to allow designers and engineers to describe a Bill of Materials for each product in their catalogue as well as custom products.The solution would have to cater to composite products based on sub-assemblies manufactured within Darkon and sub-assemblies that were manufactured elsewhere.

Evocate’s solution was to build a custom SharePoint 2010 based solution that provided the ability to assemble products and sub products and link them to their three dimensionally representations. Further both material and labour could be allocated to these products (in the form of Bill of Materials). Shop floor scheduling allowed for the predefined labour steps to be sent to appropriate operators who could clock in when they started and finished steps.

In summary, this project comprises of a custom/purpose built SharePoint Application for Production Management. It showcases our ability to use both custom dot net code as well as standard SharePoint artefacts to deliver solution that works both within an office environment and a Shopfloor environment and is based on SharePoint.

Evocate are currently engaged to build a Sales and Order Processing system on their current SharePoint portal that integrates with their Production Management system.



Timeline to Delivery
8 months

SharePoint 2010
SQL 2008 Server
Windows Server